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Contact: NCHPS President Steve Guarino

NCHPS 2015 Fall Meeting
October 9, 2015

Talley Student Center
NC State University Campus

Students, Students, Students
Presenations will be presented by Students!
What research is going on?
Where should I look for interships?
What can I do with my degree?
How do I prepare to leave school?
How do I network?


Competitive Uptake of Plutonium and Iron in Corn (Zea mays) Stephanie Hoelbling, F. Molz, N. Tharayil, B. Powell, and N. Martinez (Clemson University)

Dosimetry comparison of orthovoltage x-ray and 137Cs irradiation of the murine bone marrow compartment Matthew Belley (Duke University)

Evaluation of bentonite engineered barrier performance under repository conditions: Diffusion of Np(V) through montmorillonite Rachel Pope, B. Powell, L. Rao, M. Schlautman, and K. Gregorich (Clemson University)

Cardiac and skin dose measurement using anthropomorphic phantoms for pediatric patients undergoing cardiac catheterization Chu Wang, Kevin Hill, Terry Yoshizumi (Duke University)