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Contact: NCHPS President Steve Guarino

NCHPS 2011Fall Meeting

October 6-7, 2011, Raleigh, NC

Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Agenda with Presentation Slides

October 6
Welcome and Introduction Wendy Woehr, M.S. NCHPS President-Elect
Design and Implementation of an Occupational Internal Dosimetry Program Charles "Gus" Potter, Ph.D., C.H.P.
Understanding and Potentially Reducing Radiotherapy Induced Second cancers David Brenner, Ph.D., D.Sc. Columbia University Medical Center, Center for Radiological Research
The Terrorist’s Choice: Nuclear, Biological, or Cyber Weapons William Rhodes III, Ph.D. CHP Sandia National Laboratory
Explaining the Unexpected: Early Analysis of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Fuel Pools Andrew Sowder, Ph.D., CHP Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Grassroots Preparedness, a Radiation Risk Scale, and Marketing Armin Ansari, Ph.D., CHP Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) HPS President-Elect
In Memoriam: Remarks and Remembrance of Dade Moeller Laura Pring, B.A., RT(R)(M)(QM)(BD),RRPT and Ben Edwards, M.S., CHP
Adjourn/Executive Council Meeting Board Room
Buffet Dinner & Speaker: Technically Speaking: Framing and Presenting a Simple and Compelling Story William Rhodes III, Ph.D., CHP Sandia National Laboratory
October 7
Case Study: Cyclotron Removal Project Tom Hansen, B.S., CHP Ameriphysics
Smartphones in Safety Practices Amy Orders, Ph.D. NC State
Rapid Screening of Urine Bioassay Samples using a Gamma Camera Chris Martel, M.S., CHP Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Fukushima Daiichi: It’s a Small World After All Chris Fildago North Carolina Radiation Protection Section
Implementation of and Expectations for, Implementation of the NRC Safety Culture Initiative James Albright North Carolina Radiation Protection Section
NCHPS and TOREV Bridging the Gap in Emergency Response and Preparedness Roger Sit, UNC Brenda Greenberg, TOREV
Adjourn/Proposed Spring Meeting dates Wendy Woehr, M.S. NCHPS President-Elect