NJHPS Science Teacher Committee

The New Jersey Science Teacher Committee consists of New Jersey chapter members who volunteer their time in the effort to help New Jersey science teachers educate students about topics in radiation. Some of our objectives include:
  • Participation in the annual NJ Science Convention
  • Performing Career Day presentations
  • Lecturing science teachers and science supervisors
  • Presenting lessons to students in their classrooms
  • Maintaining up-to-date, valuable information for teachers on the "Science Teacher" link of our webpage

Call For Volunteers!!
  We always welcome members to help on this committee with both in the classroom and out of the classroom activities. Please send an email to the NJHPS Executive Secretary at njhps@yahoo.com or feel free to contact one of our Committee Members if you are interested in joining this effort. A mentoring program exists for "new" presenters if desired.

Committee Members List
  Mike Drzyzga
Sue Dupre
Dan Januseski
Stan Obryk
Robert Tokarz
Ed Truskowski
Vincent Williams

Presentation Resources
  This site is currently under construction. When complete it will contain a series of canned presentations, as well as photos, images, word documents, web links, etc. which members can use to create classroom lectures. Until this web page is complete, please contact the NJHPS Executive Secretary njhps@yahoo.com for information regarding available presentation material.