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Contact: Marty Phalen, President

History of the Power Reactor Section

February 1982: 

Ad Hoc Committee established by HPS President Charles Meinhold to study feasibility of the PRS. Committee Members: Ron Gauny, Sam Daniel, Roger Cloutier. 

June 1982: 

HPS Board establishes the Power Reactor Section as the first section of the HPS.

January 1983:

PRS Charter submitted at the HPS Midyear Meeting.

December 1987:

Sponsored the Twenty-First Midyear Topical Meeting of the HPS in Bal Harbour, Florida.

December 1996:

POWERNET, the PRS Listserver becomes the primary means of exchanging technical, regulatory, and business practice information. 

July 2000: 

PRS Radiation Science Program is established to support teaching radiation science in grades 6 - 12. Radiation detection kits that include modified civil defense Geiger counter, consumer products containing radioactive material, and classroom lesson plans are developed. 

July 2001:

With matching funds from the Nuclear Suppliers Association, the Section surpasses the $25,000 mark in scholarship awards to both two-year and four-year students.

July 2003:

Supplementing the PRS Radiation Science Program, four PowerPoint presentations are made available on the PRS website. These topics include:

July 2006:

Two additional PowerPoint presentations are made available on the PRS website. These presentations expand on the four Radiation Science Program presentations listed above. These new presentation are intended for both classroom and adult learning environments with focus on:

October 2009:

The first Power Reaction Section Newsletter was launched and transmitted to all section members.

January 2010:

A new website was launched with updated materials and new categories for use by section members.

March 2010:

The first Section Logo was designed by Tom Johnston and approved for use by the Board.