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Ward Whicker in the Tetons

Through this scholarship, the Environmental/Radon Section is formally recognizing the lifelong (and continuing) achievement of Dr. F. Ward Whicker in the field of Radioecology.

F. Ward Whicker Scholarship

Environmental Health Physics

The F. Ward Whicker Scholarship was created by the Environmental/Radon section of the Health Physics Society to promote students to study within our discipline. This scholarship will provide $2,000 per year ($1,000 for the first semester and $1,000 for the second semester-dependent on successful completion of the first semester). Eligible candidates must 1) be students accepted into a graduate program in the United States though exceptions to this requirement will be considered in some circumstances, and 2) candidates must have projects and academic coursework focusing on any of the following: radon (e.g., measurement, health impacts, epidemiology, etc.), environmental health physics, and measurements of environmental radioactivity (including radiochemistry) or radioecology. One scholarship is awarded annually and the award is rotated to a different student each year.

Environmental/Radon Section Announcement of Sponsored Scholarship


  • Nichole Martinez: 2012
  • Jessica Gillis: 2013
  • Mary Leonard: 2014
  • Deepesh Poudel: 2015-2016
  • Jamie Daum: 2017
  • Mara Watson: 2018
  • Connor Parker: 2019