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Welcome to the RSO Section's Leadership Page


Current Section Officers

Carl Tarantino, President ('22)
Daniel Menchaca, Past President ('21)
Catherine Ribaudo, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Latha Vasudevan, HPS Board Director ('21)
Danny McClung, Board Member ('22)
Mark A Miller, Board Member ('21)
Bryan Edwards, Board Member ('21)
Steven Dewey, Board Member ('23)
Caitlin Root, Secretary-elect ('21)

The officers of the Section are a President, a Past President, a President-elect, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The officers shall be persons who are members of the Health Physics Society in good standing.


The President is the presiding officer of the Section and as such is responsible for the overall administration of Section affairs.


The President-elect shall be chosen by vote of the membership. At the conclusion of the first Section Term, the President-elect automatically becomes the President. the President-elect performs duties as delegated to him by the President and, in the absence of the President, assumes the duties of the President. After the term as President, the President becomes the Past President of the Section.


The Secretary-Treasurer is chosen by vote of the membership on alternate years for two Section Terms. The Secretary-Treasurer keeps a record of all transactions and meetings of the Section and Executive Board. The Secretary-Treasurer carries out correspondence of the Section as directed by the President, collects all dues, keeps an accurate mailing list of the membership, and posts all ballots used in elections and amending procedures. The Secretary-Treasurer is the custodian of all monies of the Section and pays all authorized bills against the Section. The Secretary-Treasurer shall submit the Section accounts for audit to the Executive Board prior to the annual meeting of the Section, submit an annual report summarizing the financial status of the Section to the membership at the annual meeting, and turn over to the successor all funds and properties of the Section. Any or all of these functions may be performed by the Society Secretariat.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Section and, as such, shall have, hold, and control all funds, properties, and activities of the Section in accordance with the BYLAWS governing these matters. It consists of ten voting members including the President, Past President, President-elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and six elected Board members.

The Board members shall be elected from the membership of the Section for three Section Terms each and two Board members shall be elected each year.