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In this section, you will find documents and presentations of interest to the accelerator community.

2011 G. William Morgan Lecture
Don Cossairt, Chadwick's Neutron and the Role of New Particles in Accelerator Health Physics

2011 Spring Presentation for ES&H Professionals at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Don Cossairt, Accelerator Physics for ES&H Professionals

2011 J. Newell Stannard Lecture
Ralph Thomas, "The Early History of Accelerator Radiological Protection or A Limey in Wonderland"

2010 Dade Moeller Lecture
Bob Casey, "The BNL National Synchrotron Light Sources"

Bob Casey (center) receives the Dade Moeller Lectureship Award from HPS Past President Dick Toohey (left) and Dade Moeller (right), founder of the award.

2010 Invited Lecture
Ken Barat, "Lasers and Laser Safety's Role in Accelerator Facilities"

In Memory of Lutz Moritz

In Memory of Tony Sullivan

2008 HPS Professional Development School, "Topics in Accelerator Health Physics"
     Instructors' Presentations: Click here for complete listing

2008 G. William Morgan Lecture

Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Growth of Radiation Uses in Medicine

Presentation: 2008MidyearMorganLectureMettler.pdf

2008 G. William Morgan Lecture

Nikolai Mokhov, Challenges, Advances, and Future Needs in Shielding Code Developments

Presentation: 2008MidyearMorganLecturerNikolaiMokhovPresentation.pdf

2008 Midyear Plenary Session
Ralph Thomas, Before, Berkeley, and Beyond
     Paper: RHThomas111907.pdf
     Presentation: The Three Bs-1.pdf

2007 G. William Morgan Lecture
Anthony Sullivan (presented by Ralph Thomas), Radiation Safety around High Energy Particle Accelerators (As Seen with the Benefit of Hindsight)
(full text: sullivanpaper.pdf
presentation: sullivanpresent.pdf )

2006 Accelerator Section Special Session Keynote Address
Lutz Moritz, Radiation Safety at Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities (rib facilities.ppt)

2006 J. Newell Stannard Lecture
Ralph Thomas, Know Less and Understand More
(full text:
presentation: )

2005 G. William Morgan Lecture
Alberto Fasso, Accelerator Shielding Design: From Protons to Electrons, From America to Europe and Back

2004 G. William Morgan Lecture
Graham Stevenson, The Role of Approximations and Empiricism in Predicting Parameters of Radiological Importance at Accelerator Facilities

2003 G. William Morgan Lecture
Ralph Thomas, Accelerator Radiological Protection: A Personal and Privileged Odyssey

Ralph Thomas, Rigour Within Uncertainty-An Unfinished Quest: ICRP and High-LET Radiations, April 2005

Ralph Thomas, ICRP Publication 92: Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE), Quality Factor (Q), and Radiation-Weighting Factor (wR)-A Critical Review, August 2004

Ralph Thomas, The Implications of ICRP Publication 92 for Neutron Dosimetry, July 2004