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Matt Quinn (President '20)
Zach Olson (Newsletter Editor '20)

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Welcome to the Accelerator Section's Home Page

The Accelerator Section is an official section of the Health Physics Society, with an approved charter, by-laws adopted in July 1995, and a newsletter in publication since 1992. The members of the Accelerator Section include representatives from accelerator centers throughout North America, pharmaceutical companies, and government regulatory agencies.

The objectives of the section are threefold:
  1. To improve communication between those involved in accelerator radiation protection activities;
  2. To provide forums for discussion and resolution of scientific, technical, and administrative problems related to accelerator radiation protection; and
  3. To provide coordination between the development of accelerator regulatory and administrative standards and relevant standards under development by private and professional organizations.


The Section's primary means of routine communications with its members is through the Accelerator Radiation Safety Newsletter. If you are not getting notifications of the quarterly publication, you will need to take the following step.

Click on the following link:

Type in your name and your desired email address ("Regular" subscription type is recommended), and select the "Subscribe (IARPE-L)" button. You will then need to confirm the subscription as directed in an email sent to that email address.

How to Join

When you join or renew your membership in the Health Physics Society (, simply specify the Accelerator Section and add $5 to your membership fee. To join the Accelerator Section at any other time, contact the Secretariat ( of the society.