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April 30, 2015

Ten Things I Learned as a Health Physicist

Nancy Kirner, CHP, President-Elect, Health Physics Society



February 12, 2015

Invention of the Modern X-Ray Tube by William D. Coolidge in 1913

David Allard, CHP, Director of Pennsylvania's Radiation Control Program



November 4, 2014

NCRP Update and Million US Radiation Worker/Veterans Dose Reconstruction

Dr. John Boice, President, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

First Chief, Radiation Epidemiology Branch at NCI



October 9, 2014

Health Physics Research Projects at RPI

·         Motion Capture for Calculating Radiation Dose to Astronauts - Kris Zieb

·         Geometry Modeling for Space Radiation Environment - Hui Lin

·         Latest Results on Radiation Dose to CT Patients - Yiming Gao

·         Design and Application of a New Neutron Detector - Adam Weltz

·         Extremely Fast Monte Carlo Methods Using GPU and MIC Coprocessors - Tianyu Liu



December 4, 2013

Things I Don’t Know About Epidemiology

Barbara Hamrick, HPS President Elect



November 21, 2013

Medical & Public Health Issues Associated with a Response to a Nuclear Detonation in an Urban Area

Dr. Adela Salamie-Alfie, NYS Department of Health


Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Health Physics Research Projects at RPI
Students of the Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry Group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Thursday, February 28, 2013
Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation: Estimating the Risks, Understanding Their Significance
David J. Brenner, Ph.D., D.Sc. Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics; Director, Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University Medical Center
Note: Event Sponsored by NYSDOH Wadsworth Laboratory. NENY HPS Chapter members invited to participate.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Nuclear Criticality Safety and the Accident at Tokai-Mura
Dr. Ronald Knief, Sandia National Laboratory
Note: Event Sponsored by ANS Student Chapter of Excelsior College. NENY HPS Chapter members invited to participate.


Monday, November 26, 2012
New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center Radiobioassay Programs
Dr. Ilham AlMahmid, Director of the Radiobioassay Program, Laboratory of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, Wadsworth Center


September 25, 2012
Health Physics Society: Update from the National President-Elect
Dr. Darrell R. Fisher, President-Elect, Health Physics Society


March 22, 2012
Overview of New York State Response to Radiological Events and a summary of the US Domestic Public Health and Medical Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Dr. Adela Salame-Alfie, Acting Director of the Division of Environmental Health Investigation in the New York State Department of Health (DOH)


January 13, 2012
Radiological / Nuclear Incidents and Events in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
David Allard, Director of Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection


December 15, 2011
New York State Radiological Volunteer Program
Anthony DeAngelo, HPS NENY President


November 9, 2011
Grassroots Preparedness, a Radiation Risk Scale and Marketing of Health Physics
Dr. Armin Ansari, HPS President-Elect


May 4, 2011
USDOE-EM Separations Process Research Unit Decontamination & Decommissioning
Jim Willison, Dave Lowe and Steven Feinberg


November 17, 2010
Pit Disassembly and Conversion Project: Radiological Design Considerations
Kathy Pryor, HPS President-Elect


October 13, 2010
Methods to Assess Patient Organ Doses from Radiotherapy and Imaging Procedures
Dr. X. George Xu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


April 28, 2010
Separations Process Research Unit Cleanup (SPRU): Techniques and Approaches to Remove and Stabilize Residual Radioactive Materials Prior to Demolition
Steven Feinberg, DOE Federal Project Director
Doug Jamieson, WGI Senior Engineering Manager
Richard Hazard, WGI SPRU Radiological Controls Manager


March 2, 2010
Current Trends and Advances in Medical Radiation Technology
Brian M. Methe'
Health Physicist / Medical Physicist
St. Peter's Hospital


January 20, 2010
An Update on the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Activities (CRCPD)
Dr. Adela Salame-Alfie, NYS Department of Health


December 17, 2009
#1 - Health Physicists Without Borders - - An Exciting Activity
#2 - Davis-Besse Reactor Vessel Head Degradation, A Lesson in Off-Normal Conditions

Presented by George Anastas, P.E., CHP, FHPS, DEE, FARPS
Past HPS President


November 5, 2009
New Concepts in Radiological Emergency Planning
Presented by Edward F. Maher, Sc.D., CHP
HPS President-Elect


September 25, 2009
Historical Development of the Periodic Table and the Chart of the Nuclides
Dr. Harold Knox, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory


April 29, 2009
Detectors and Radiation: Intersections for the Security Field
Dr. J. Scott Price, GE Global Research Center


February 26, 2009
RADON - - The Health Threat with a Simple Solution
Nikolas Webster - Radiological Health Specialist Trainee II
Jerry Collins - Associate Radiological Health Specialist
Robert Snyder - Principal Radiological Health Specialist


January 6, 2009
Espionage Missions by U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarines During the Cold War
Ray Misiewicz - Retired Engineer, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory


October 29, 2008
Will They Ever Learn? The Public Education Game

Howard Dickson - HPS President-Elect


September 18, 2008
Decontamination and Demolition of the Separations Process Research Unit
John Rampe - USDOE Site Manager Separations Process Research Unit
Steven Feinberg - USDOE Federal Project Director
Richard Bartowsik - Chief Engineer, Washington Group International, a Division of URS


June 4, 2008
An Analysis of Misadministrations in Radiation Therapy in NY
Dr. Janaki Krishnamoorthy, NYS Department of Health


February 19, 2008
Radiological Fire Disasters - Lessons Learned
Matt Norton, Vice President of Health Physics Operations for Philotecnics, Inc.


November 26, 2007
Current Research Projects in Health Physics
Dr. X. George Xu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


September 26, 2007
Why No One Believes Us: Cognitive Neuroscience and Radiation Risk
HPS President-Elect Richard Toohey, Ph.D., CHP


February 27, 2007
Medical Response to Radiation Incidents
HPS President-Elect Kevin Nelson


January 23, 2007
Handbook for Responding to a Radiological Dispersal Device – Dirty Bomb – The First 12 hours
Dr. Adela Salame-Alfie, Acting Director, NYSDOH Division of Environmental Health Investigations


May 9, 2006
Nuclear Fuels Fabrication Facility Remediation
Peter Collopy, Director - Environment, Safety and Health, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


November 2, 2005
New Regulations and Guidance for Dealing with Radioactivity in Solid Waste in Pennsylvania
Dave Allard, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Radiation Protection


October 19, 2005
IAEA and the Control of Radioactive Sources
Brian Dodd, President-Elect of the HPS


November 16, 2004
The Return of the Energy Crisis
Dr. Paul Swartz


September 24, 2004
Adventures in Nuclear and Radiological Safety During Thirty Years at a Major National Laboratory and Lessons Learned about Nuclear Power Advocacy and Public Information Outreach during Twenty Years of Retirement
Ted Schoenberg


April 21, 2004
New Instruments for the Same Old Challenges
Andrew Karam, Research Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology


March 25, 2004
History of Low Level Radioactive Waste
Art Green, Radiac


January 15, 2004
Serendipitous Radiation Monitors
Dr. Robert L. Fleischer, Geology Department, Union College
A radon detector right in front of your eyes?


June 5, 2003
Health Physics Society Strategic Plan and Important Initiatives
Kenneth Kase, President-Elect of the HPS


December 5, 2002
Emergency Preparedness in Response to Terrorist Threats at Power Reactor Sites
Michael Slobodien, Director of Emergency Programs, Entergy - Northeast


October 8, 2002
Symposium - Management of Terrorist Events Involving Nuclear Reactors or Radioactive Materials

·         George Anastas, Past President, International Health Physics Society

·         Alan Brodsky, Chairman HPS Homeland Security Committee, International Health Physics Society

·         Dr. Robert Burhans, Asst. Division Director, Division of Environmental Health Protection, N.Y. State Department of Health

·         Dr. Paul Evancoe, Director Office of Emergency Response, National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy

·         Andrew Feeny, N.Y. State Emergency Management Office

·         Dr. Marvin Goldman, Professor of Physics, Emeritus, University of California

·         Dr. Ian Scott Hamilton, Professor Dept of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M, Member of NCRP Report 138, "Management of Terrorist Events Involving Radioactive Materials"

·         Dr. Joseph Indusi, Chairman Non-Proliferation and National Security Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory

·         Dr. Frank Marcinowski, Director Radiation Protection Division and Center for Radiological Emergency Preparedness Programs, US Environmental Protection Agency

·         Michael Slobodien, Director Emergency Programs NY Power Plants, Entergy Nuclear Corporation

·         Sam Speedy, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Public Security, NY State Governor's Office

·         James Tarzia, Emergency Planning, New England Nuclear Power Plants

·         Dr Kerry Thomas, Program Manager, Office of Domestic Preparedness, US Dept of Justice



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