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- Charter of the NENY Chapter

- By-Laws and Rules of the NENY Chapter

- 50th Anniversary Recognition

Who we are

The Northeastern New York Chapter has had a long and prestigious history. We expect to continue this unique Chapter well through its 50th anniversary, honoring our founding fathers: Louis Cheurubin, Robert Feinberg, Joseph LoGiudice, N. Irving Sax, Sherwood Davies, Jack Fitzgibbon, Robert Ryan, and others.

On April 19, 1960 an organizational committee meeting was held by Capital District professionals working in radiological areas. This resulted in the very first Chapter meeting on May 4, 1960. After recognition of the new Chapter by the Health Physics Society, Robert Feinberg called the first meeting to order on September 21, 1960.

Throughout the last 47 years, the Chapter has sponsored several mid-year technical symposiums. The first was held in Saratoga Springs in October 1976 and covered “Natural Radioactivity in Man’s Environment”. The Chapter sponsored another mid-year technical symposium in Albany during February 1994 on “Managing Radioactive and Mixed Wastes”. In October, 2002 along with the New England and Greater NY City Chapters, held another technical symposium in Albany on “Management of Terrorist Events Involving Nuclear Reactors or Radioactive Materials.

When not hosting symposiums, the Chapter has been active in other ways such as conducting a teacher workshops, commenting on federal and state legislation on radiological protection, reviewing BEIR transcripts, providing a loan to the local American Nuclear Society, and participating in other interchapter meetings with the New England and Greater New York Chapters. Fellowship with supporters of the safe use of nuclear energy has continued to be evident during NENY Chapter meetings.

Currently the membership distribution is distributed with about 25% from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) employment, 25% New York State employment, 15% split between General Electric, local universities and colleges, and hospitals. The remaining 35% of the membership is distributed over various professions that support the nuclear/radiological community.

Questions and Comments may be sent to the NENYHPSsecretary@gmail.com.