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Chapters of the Health Physics Society (HPS) are groups affiliated with the National HPS that serve to carry out the objectives and purposes of the HPS for members within the same geographic area.

The Great Salt Lake Chapter of the HPS was organized on May 19, 1977 at 7:30 in Room 101 Orson Spencer Hall, on the University of Utah campus. This organizational meeting was held to decide on the name of the chapter, adopt the Bylaws of the Chapter and to elect officers and council members.

Chapter Bylaws

First Officers and Council Members of the Chapter:
President: Richard Downard, University of Utah
President Elect: David Wheeler, Brigham Young University
Secretary: Don Mitchell, Utah State Health Dept.
Treasurer: Robert Hoffman, University of Utah
Council Member: Steven Oberg, Utah State University
Council Member: Dwight Dixon, Brigham Young University
Council Member: Blaine Howard, Utah State Health Dept.

Members of the Health Physics Society are professionals with special interests and skills in the areas of radiation protection and the related fields. Members include individuals that are school teachers, government employees, health workers, emergency first responders, and many other professions.

Do you have a question concerning radiation or its use? Try contacting the members of the GSLC to find an answer.