Florida Chapter of the Health Physics Society

Serving the Sunshine State since 1967

Specialists in Radiation Safety    Chartered 1967

Welcome to the Florida Chapter

The Florida Chapter of the Health Physics Society (FCHPS) is a professional organization whose members are specialists in radiation safety and practice primarily in the state of Florida.  These health physicists are dedicated to maximizing the beneficial use of radiation while minimizing the risk to people and the environment. 

The FCHPS holds annual spring and fall meetings throughout the state.  These meetings explore a wide range of topics, including recent developments in applications of ionizing and non-ionizing forms of radiation, emergency planning and response, and the evolving regulatory structure that ensures the safe use of radiation.

Chapter objectives include encouraging the dissemination between individuals in the field of radiation safety and related fields, improving public understanding of the problems and needs in radiation safety, and providing open lines of communication between local chapter members and the Health Physics Society.

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