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How to Collect Air Monitoring Data for Dose Estimation

Wednesday 02/08/2023

Room: Memorial Union 49

12:15 - 14:00

Chair(s): Robert Hayes

WPM-A.1  12:15  How to collect air monitoring data for dose estimation. Hayes Robert*, North Carolina State University

Radiological emergency response air sampling is typically of the grab sample type where the air filter still has plenty of radon progeny to be decayed away. Modern environmental air monitors have the capability to mitigate a lot of this using spectral fitting algorithms which can be compromised with nominal amounts of dust loading giving rise to self shielding distortions of the spectra which are not able to be addressed by commercial algorithms. The bulk of air samples in the the nuclear industry still remains of the grab sampling type where a large volume of air is pulled through a filter for later analysis after radon progeny decay. This research walks through recent research which allows obtaining both conservative and rather precise assays while the radon is still fresh even when spectral distortions can prevent CAM algorithms or spectral analysis from providing reliable assays.

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