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Monday 02/06/2023

MAM-A08:00 - 10:15Memorial Union 49Basics of Internal Dosimetry
MAM-B10:45 - 12:15Memorial Union 49Environmental Internal Dosimetry
MPM-A13:15 - 17:00Memorial Union 49Calculation and Use of Internal Dose Coefficients

Tuesday 02/07/2023

TAM-A08:00 - 12:00Memorial Union 49U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Research
TPM-A13:00 - 17:00Memorial Union 49Principles of Medical Internal Dosimetry in Clinical Practice

Wednesday 02/08/2023

WAM-A08:00 - 09:30Memorial Union 49SESSION CANCELLED! Internal Dose in Nuclear Medicine Therapy
WAM-B10:00 - 11:15Memorial Union 49Current Research in Internal Dosimetry
CEL11:15 - 12:15CEL
WPM-A12:15 - 14:00Memorial Union 49How to Collect Air Monitoring Data for Dose Estimation
WPM-B14:30 - 16:30Memorial Union 49Emergency Response and Incidents

Thursday 02/09/2023

THAM-A08:00 - 10:00Memorial Union 49Effective Communication in Radiation Protection
THAM-B10:30 - 12:30Memorial Union 49Internal Dosimetry Scenarios: A tabletop exercise