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Monday 02/21/2022

MAM-A08:00 - 12:00Regency CPlenary
POS13:00 - 14:00Exhibit HallPoster Session
REF-113:00 - 14:00Regency CRefresher Course #1 - Health Physics Considerations in the Planning and Operation of Proton Therapy Facilities
REF-213:00 - 14:00Regency ARefresher Course #2 - Case Study: The 1976 Hanford Accident and the Atomic Man
MPM-A14:00 - 16:30Regency CAssociate Societies Forum

Tuesday 02/22/2022

CEL-106:45 - 07:45Regency BCEL-1 - Techniques to Communicate Program Activities, Trends, and Program Drivers
CEL-206:45 - 07:45Regency CCEL-2 - Management of Generally Licensed Devices
TAM-A108:00 - 10:45Regency AInternal Dosimetry
TAM-B108:00 - 10:00Regency BControversies in Medical Health Physics
TAM-D08:00 - 12:00Midway 1/2Homeland Security and Emergency Response (Part 1)
TAM-C09:00 - 12:00Regency CMeeting the Challenges in the Practice of Radiation Protection - Diversity and Inclusion
TAM-B210:30 - 12:00Regency BEnvironmental Health Physics and NORM
TAM-A211:00 - 12:00Regency ASpace Radiation
REF-313:00 - 14:00Regency ARefresher Course #3 - REF-3 - Lu-177 Therapies, Things You Should Know
REF-413:00 - 14:00Regency BRefresher Course #4 - Writing Scientific Papers
TPM-A14:00 - 17:00Regency ANonionizing Radiation
TPM-C14:00 - 16:30Regency CMeeting Challenges in the Practice of Radiation Protection
TPM-D114:00 - 14:45Midway 1/2Homeland Security and Emergency Response Part 2
TPM-B14:30 - 17:00Regency BVeterinary Health Physics
TPM-D215:15 - 16:15Midway 1/2Reasonableness

Wednesday 02/23/2022

CEL-306:45 - 7:45Regency BCEL-3 - Ethical Decision-Making Tools for Enhancing Organizational Radiation Safety Culture
WAM-A108:00 - 10:00Regency ANuclear Facilities
WAM-B08:00 - 12:00Regency BDisasters in Health Physics (Part 1)
WAM-C08:00 - 11:30Regency CMedical Health Physics (Part 1)
WAM-D108:00 - 9:30Midway 1/2Regulatory Issues
WAM-D210:15 - 11:45Midway 1/2Environmental and Wildlife Dosimetry
WAM-A210:30 - 12:00Regency AClassic Films in Health Physics and Radiation Protection
REF-513:00 - 14:00Regency ARefresher Course #5 - VARSKIN+ 1.0: A Computer Code For Skin Contamination And Dosimetry Assessments
REF-613:00 - 14:00Regency BRefresher Course #6 - Laser Safety for Health Physicists
WPM-A14:00 - 17:00Regency AInstrumentation and Measurements
WPM-B14:00 - 16:15Regency BDisasters in Health Physics (Part 2)
WPM-C114:00 - 15:00Regency CMedical Health Physics (Part 2)
WPM-D14:00 - 15:45MidwayExternal Dosimetry
WPM-C217:00 - 17:30Regency CClosing Ceremony