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Welcome to Women in Radiation Protection Section's Up-and-Coming Website!

The mission of the Women in Radiation Protection Section is to build and maintain a supportive community within the Health Physics Society that will advocate for the professional development of women and other underrepresented groups in health physics and related disciplines. The section and its activities are open to all genders with the belief that all Society members may benefit from inclusive career-development training and enhanced mentoring and networking. The specific objectives of the section are to:

  • Coordinate, review, and advocate for activities that increase the participation, recognition, and retention of women across all career levels.
  • Provide forums for discussion and resolution of scientific, technical, and administrative issues raised by members.
  • Increase awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of Society members.

See the September issue of Health Physics News for information about the section's initial formation.

Contact Nicole Martinez (acting president) or Kendall Berry (board liaison) for more information, or to express interest in a leadership position within the section as initial elections will be coming up soon!

  Check out the Women in Radiation
   Protection special issue of Health Physics!