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16 January 2019                               Section Contact: President Kendall Berry

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See you at the 60th Annual HPS meeting in Indianapolis, IN, 12 - 16 July 2015.

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Hello AIRRS Section Members!

I have great news to share with you. The Board of the HPS and the Rules Committee have approved the proposed changes to the Charter and By-Laws and now, I present them to you for review. The changes are summarized below to assist you in your review of the documents. I hope that you will agree that these are positive changes for the section and will vote to approve the amended Charter and By-Laws.

Section President Kendall Berry

Links: Summary of Charter and By-Laws Changes (pdf)
Charter and Bylaws on the "About AIRRS" page.

Suggestions are welcome to improve the information and content of this Section Page. Please use the "Feedback" box in the upper menu, or contact Mike Drzyzga directly at email


History of Radioactivity (New York Times)

The primary objectives of the Section are to:

  1. disseminate information related to operational health physics and radiation safety programs,
  2. provide a forum for dealing with regulatory issues,
  3. promote professional development within radiation safety programs,
  4. develop consensus standards of practice for radiation safety programs, and
  5. provide for open lines of communication between Section members.

As provided for in the section CHARTER (.html) (.pdf).

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