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Hello NIR Section Members!

As stated in our bylaws, the primary objectives of the Section shall be to:

  • Develop Society Position Papers and or Fact Sheets on a wide variety of topics ranging from UV exposure to smart meters.
  • Sponsor technical sessions during annual meetings to share information and increase the overall working knowledge of other HPS members.
  • Support the HPS "ask the Expert" function to enable the HPS to continue to respond to the needs of the public for information about nonionizing radiation protection.
  • Maintain a web page that is resource driven and can guide people to finding the latest information on a given topic.
  • Serve as the focal point for the HPS on non-ionizing topics.

Jerrold T. Bushberg Ph.D.
Section President

Section Charter
Section Bylaws

News & Announcements:

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from some of the foremost experts on RF Health and Safety science. The Nonionizing Radiation (NIR) section is hosting a special topical session during the upcoming HPS annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday starting at 8:20 AM in the Orange B room of the Hilton Orlando. The session will host highly regarded invited speakers who will present on the following topics:

  • Overview of Safety Standards for Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Fields (0-300 GHz)

  • Transient Thermal Responses of Tissue to Millimeter-Wave Pulses

  • Assessing RF Exposure by Analysis: Estimating RF Fields through Calculation

  • RF Field Measurements: Overview of Instruments and Techniques

  • RF Safety Programs: The What, Why, When and Where

  • Communicating the Science and Risk of Emerging Technologies in a Sea of Intuitive Toxicology and Cognitive Bias

Following the last special session presentation pleased join us for the presentation of the 2019 NIR Distinguished Service Award to Richard Tell. The award presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with the invited speakers.

There will be two additional presentations from section members on topics of contemporary interest. One will discuss safety aspects of Commercial Wireless Towers on Collage Campus and the other presentation will focus on the Health Physics Considerations for Fielding the Army's Solid State Active Denial Technology.

The NIR section will hold its annual section meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 5:00PM.