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Contact: NIR Section President


The Nonionizing Radiation (NIR) section is hosting a half day topical session during the upcoming HPS annual meeting in Indianapolis on Tuesday morning. The session will host a number of invited speakers on the following topics:

  • Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields Generated by Wireless Telephones - Is there a Risk to Human Health?
  • Electric Pulse Manipulation of Biological Cells: From Theory to Applications
  • A comparison of radiofrequency safety standards and guidelines at frequencies above 1 GHz; inconsistencies and gaps
  • Ethics and the Electrically Hypersensitive Individual
  • Are there Age Related Differences in Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy?
  • Effects of Laser Illuminations of Aircraft
  • UV and IR Radiation: Standards, Measurement & Common Issues
The keynote speaker for the session is Dr. David McCormick of the IIT Research Institute. Dr. McCormick's group at IIT is currently nearing completion of the largest animal study to date on RF exposures. Dr. McCormick will review recent studies on effects of long term exposure of animals to RF radiation. We encourage everyone to mark their calendars for a very informative session.

The NIR section will hold its annual section meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.