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Military Section                                        Contact: CAPT Anthony Williams, President

Welcome to the Military Section's Home Page

The Military Section is an official section of the Health Physics Society. The members of the Military Section include representatives from accelerator centers throughout North America, pharmaceutical companies, and government regulatory agencies. It was established in January 2008.

The primary objectives of the Section are to:
  1. Disseminate information related to military health physics (which is health physics performed in the service of the Department of Defense and/or the Public Health Service),
  2. Provide a forum for military health physicists,
  3. Promote professional development among military health physicists,
  4. Promote the mutual interests of Society and Section members in military health physics,
  5. Nominate Section members for Society elective offices and awards, and
  6. Provide for open lines of communication between Section members, as provided for in the Section CHARTER.

Specific interests include : structure and content of military health physics programs, professional development of Section members, development of and support for mentor/protégé relations between senior and junior Section members, and public education and outreach.

How to Join

When you join or renew your membership in the Health Physics Society (http://www.hps.org), simply specify the Military Section and add $5 to your membership fee. To join the Military Section at any other time, contact the executive secretary (hps@burkinc.com) of the society.