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26 March 2017Section Contact: President Caridad Borras

Medical Health Physics Section Established in 1991

Welcome to the Medical Health Physics Section Home Page

The primary objectives of the Medical Health Physics Section are to:

  • Provide a more complete and accessible communications network for its members and Society.
  • Provide a mechanism for technology transfer among hospitals, academe, private industry, and regulatory agencies.
  • Encourage scientific publications dedicated to the medical uses of radiation.

The objective of the section shall be accomplished by meetings, conferences, and publications with emphasis on all sciences and technologies that contribute to the knowledge of medical uses of radiation.


The Medical Health Physics Section (MHPS) list server, medhp-sec, is presently hosted on the National HPS's server site at ORNL.

To subscribe to the medhp-sec list, send to the following email address:

the message shown:
subscribe medhp-sec "your email address"

Subscribers post messages on medhp-sec by sending email to

For general information or questions about the section, please contact a Board Member.