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Welcome to the Instrumentation Section's Home Page

The Instrumentation Section is devoted to promoting the mutual interests of Society members in instrumentation for radiation detection, measurement and analysis in health physics and radiation protection applications.
The members of the Instrumentation Section include representatives from national labs, research centers throughout North America, manufacturers and end users.

The objectives of the section include:
- To improve communication between those involved in health physics and radiation protection instrumentation activities;
- To provide forums for discussion and resolution of scientific, technical, and administrative problems related to health physics and radiation protection instrumentation;
- To provide coordination between the development of health physics and radiation protection instrument regulatory and administrative standards and relevant standards under development by private and professional organizations; and
- To share information, documents, procedures, selection, testing, and standardization of health physics and radiation protection instrumentation.
- To foster information related to the testing and evaluation of radiation instrumentation. Including the interfaces between NIST, calibration facilities, the user of the instrumentation, and the final target of the information collected by the users (the public, government, private companies, etc.).