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Homeland Security and Emergency Response Section

Nuclear and radiological weapons may be used in terrorist attacks on the United States or other countries. The Homeland Security and Emergency Response Section (HSS) Mission Statement is: "A Section of the Health Physics Society dedicated to the education, counsel, and proficiency of the radiation safety community, members of the public, and other organizations in order to achieve a greater degree of homeland security against radiological or nuclear threats."

The work of the HPS Homeland Security and Emergency Response Section (HSS) involves the following areas of activity. These are organized as working groups:

The section also provides assistance to members and local chapters of the Society who wish to assist in the homeland security effort. For example:

  • Preparing and updating training information and guidance documents for use by Society members and chapters to assist government programs and to train emergency responders.
  • Implementing Society and chapter programs to provide trainers or speakers requested by homeland security agencies or teams.
  • Preparing, with reference to previous publications of agencies or experts, appropriate information that can be recommended to members of the public for simple actions that may minimize exposure to harm and prevent panic in the event of an attack with WMDs.
  • Providing guidance and assistance to chapters for organizing, developing, and implementing local or regional homeland security programs in cooperation with their state and local governments and agencies.
  • Assisting in the development of consensus standards and other guidance documents.

Unless specifically asked to do so by the HPS President or the HPS Board of Directors, the Homeland Security and Emergency Response Section does not speak or act officially for the Health Physics Society.

The Health Physics Society has a Media Center that can provide technical information.

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