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2015 Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, IN

At the 2015 meeting, the Accelerator Section was proud to present the H. Wade Patterson Memorial Award and the Lutz Moritz Memorial Award to two students. We were also pleased to recognize two other students with honorable mention certificates. Section President Steve Frey presented the awards on behalf of the Section.

image 2015 H. Wade Patterson Memorial Award
Jeff Webster
Purdue University
"Tensioned Metastable Fluid Detectors for Neutron and Alpha Detection in Spectrometry Applications for Health Physics"

image 2015 Lutz Moritz Memorial Award
Deborah Quaye
Alcorn State University
"Reassessment of the Shielding Design Calculations for an Existing LINAC Vault"

image Honorable Mention
Kafil Chowdhury
Texas Tech University

image Honorable Mention
Richard Brassard
Colorado State University