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Information for Health Physicists and Radiation Users

The North Carolina Chapter of the Health Physics Society (NCHPS) is offering this site as a resource for health physicists and radiation users.  Click on the links below for several useful items.

Nuclide Information Library

Nuclide Safety Data Sheets [NSDS] provide nuclide-specific radiation safety information for a variety of commonly used radioisotopes.

Stuart Hunt's RMSDS [same idea as NSDS - different name]
Stanford's RSDS [same idea as NSDS - different name]
Harvard's Reference Sheets [same idea as NSDS - different name]
UGA's Radionuclide Data [43 nuclides]
DOE Fact Sheets [element-specific, but full of radionuclide data]:
St. Gobain's Radiosotope Data
UIUC Decay Calculator
ISuS Radionuclide Handbook
UM Radiation Safety & HP Page
Duke U's HP Site
NC Radiation Protection Section
Regulations/ laws & codes
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
CDC Rad Emergency Site
Conference on Bioassay, Analytical and Environmental Radiochemistry
National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP)
Health Physics Society PEP Reference Library Website
National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists
Argonne National Laboratory Environmental Assessment Division
Biological Effects of Low Level Radiation
American College of Radiology
Non-RCRA Regulated Liquid Scintillation Fluids

Harvard's list of same

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