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1. Complete the application below. If you are not a member of the Health Physics Society, signatures of two members in good standing of the chapter are required.

2. New membership dues paid after September 1 will apply through the following year.

Chapter Dues: $ 15.00/year

Student/Science Teacher Dues: $ 5.00/year

Affiliate Dues: $ 40.00/year

Make check payable to the North Carolina Health Physics Society.

Send the completed application and dues to the Membership Committee Chairperson:

North Carolina Health Physics Society

PO Box 37638

Raleigh, NC 27627

Affiliate membership in the NCHPS is limited to organizations having a professional interest in the general field of radiation protection. This class of membership offers the following privileges to an organization:

Acknowledgement in each issue of the Chapter Newsletter and in the Chapter Directory.

One year regular membership for an individual from the organization.

Receipt of all official Chapter mailings (including the Chapter Newsletter).

Access to and commercial use of the Chapter Membership Directory.

$50.00 off normal exhibitor fees to display products/services at NCHPS chapter meetings.

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