PO Box 14274 Durham, NC 27709
Contact: NCHPS President Steve Guarino

NCHPS Spring Meeting, March 1, 2019
UNC Environment Health and Safety, Chapel Hill, NC

The North Carolina Chapter of the Health Physics Society is pleased to announce our 2019 Spring Chapter meeting, Friday March 1ST at the UNC Environmental Health and Safety Office. Along with other presentations, we are honored to have the National HPS President-Elect Dr. Eric Goldin speaking to our group and students. We invite you all to attend the meeting.

- Meeting Agenda (PDF)


09:00 AMWelcome & IntroductionEric Zack, NCHPS President
09:05 AMIAEA Working Group-Perspectives of a Radiation Protection OfficerAmy Orders, RSO, NC State University
09:25 AM The use of borated PVT for Nuclear Material Categorization with updatesBianca Cruz, NC State University
09:45 AM Real-Time Detection of a Pure-Beat Emitter (P-32)Brianna Smiley, Duke University
10:05 AMUncertainties in common dose reconstruction protocols at low dosesRyan O’Mara, NC State University
10:25 AMBreak and Vendor Introduction
11:45 AMReal-time β and γ Detection of I-131 Using Nanoscintillator Fiber-Optic TechnologyJustin Raudabaugh, Duke University
12:05 PMLunch
01:05 AMHow to spend a Health Physics career transitioning from operations through decommissioningEric Goldin, PhD, CHP
HPS President-elect
01:50 AMA test for full proportionality between flow rate and saturation activity of radon progeny- UpdateJacob A. Weinberg, NC State University
02:10 AMTumor Tracking in LungsWesley Belcher
02:30 AMBusiness Meeting - Budget, Available position (Treasurer), Membership #, and New Board Members
03:30 AMAdjourn