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Contact: NCHPS President Eric Zack

Upcoming Meetings

March 1, 2019 - Chapel Hill

The North Carolina Chapter of the Health Physics Society is pleased to announce our 2019 Spring Chapter meeting, Friday March 1ST at the UNC Environmental Health and Safety Office. Along with other presentations, we are honored to have the National HPS President-Elect Dr. Eric Goldin speaking to our group and students. We invite you all to attend the meeting.

Call for Papers/ Presentations

The North Carolina Chapter of the Health Physics Society is calling for papers/presentations from students (undergraduate and graduate), who are currently enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education and performing research. We are also interested in faculty/researchers and HP’s who are interested in sharing their research work. We invite you to put the event on your calendar and submit research topics via email: innocent.tsorxe@duke.edu

The deadline for submitting topics for the 2019 Spring Meeting is February 11th, 2019.
Registration forms to download:
Individual meeting registration form (.doc)
Vendor meeting registration form (.doc)

Please make your reservations not later than 21 February 2019.



Innocent Y. Tsorxe , MS, CMLSO
NCHPS President-Elect

Presentations from Past NCHPS Meetings

The NCHPS has begun preserving presentations from previous meetings.  We have been privileged to host some excellent talks.  Check it out!

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