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NCHPS 2008 Fall Meeting

November 6-7, 2008 at Holiday Inn Charlotte-Center City

Presentations & Photo Gallery

RACER: An Integrated Approach to Risk Analysis, Communication, and Decision Making

John Till, PhD
President, Radiological Assessments Corp.

I-131 Patient Release Criteria based on Measured Data

Chris Martel, MS, CHP
Boston University Medical Center

Neutron Characterization after PWR Primary System Upgrades and for Dry Fuel Storage

Jay Tarzia, MS, CHP
Radiation Safety and Control Services

Homeland Security for Health Physicists - Some Current Efforts

William Rhodes III, MS, CHP
Sandia National Laboratories

Friday, November 7th

Update on Tritium Issues at Nuclear Power Sites

Dale Holden
Duke Energy

Managing Industrial Radiography Operations

Larry Haynes, CHP
Duke Energy

Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal, The Perspective of the NC Radiation Protection Commission

Alan Mabry, MS, CHP
General Electric Company Nuclear Fuels

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for R&D Facilities - Lessons Learned

Matt Norton CIH, CSP
Philotechnics Ltd.

Recent Experiences with I-125 Seeds

Beth Franklin, MS, DABR
Carolinas Medical Center

NC X-Ray Rules Update

Jon Granger
NC Radiation Protection Section

Recent and Upcoming Changes in the ANSI Z136 Series of Standards for Safe Use of Lasers

Ben Edwards, MS, CLSO, NRRPT
Duke University Medical Center

Computed Tomography Image Quality and Dose Optimization

For additional resources visit http://www.sprawls.org/NCHPS08/

Perry Sprawls, Ph.D., PE
Emory University School of Medicine

Nuclear Power Renaissance & Lee Nuclear Station Overview

John Thrasher, PE
Duke Energy

Gallery of Meeting Photographs

Alan Mabrey

Amy Orders, Laura Pring, Brian Whitson

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards and Ritchie Buschow

Beth Franklin

Bill Rhodes

Bill Rhodes, Dr. John Till, Jay Tarzia, Laura Pring (President-elect), Howard Dickson (HPS President-elect), Chris Martel

Brian Whitson

Chris Martel

Dale Holden

Dr. John Till

Dr. Perry Sprawls

Dr. Perry Sprawls

Howard Dickson

Jay Tarzia

John Thrasher

Larry Haynes

Matt Norton

Ritchie Buschow and Dan Sprau