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The Science Teacher Workshop

The Science Teacher Workshop program was developed years ago to provide educators with scientifically correct, free, ready-to-use teaching materials on topics not covered in most textbooks: radioactivity and radiation bioeffects. The STW text includes material collected from many public sources.  In addition, the NCHPS gratefully acknowledges the significant contribution of Rebecca Townsend in compiling this material, as well as for the overview of NC curricula requirements covered by this text.

For the past several years, NCHPS has presented a STW at the annual NC Science Teachers Association meeting.  Here's what attending teachers said:

2000 STW

2001 STW

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this text, users utilize this information at their own risk and the Chapter assumes no responsibility for any actions or consequences arising from the use of the information provided in these documents.

Contents [pdf file*] [WORD file]
1: NC Standard Course of Study Elements met by the NCHPS STW

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2: Radiation-Related Concepts 

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3: Radioactivity in the Environment and Radiation Bioeffects

[pdf file*]  [WORD file]

4: Radioactive Decay Series

[pdf file*]  [WORD file]

5: Radiation Detection & Measurement

[pdf file*]  [WORD file]

Bonus: How to wire a Survey Meter for Sound [pdf]; & Another way to wire a survey meter (from ANS);

Ortec's survey meter exercises!

6: Half-Life

[pdf file*]  [WORD file]

7: Uses of Radioactive Material and Radiation in our Society

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Spectrometer.org Radiation Module
Lawrence Livermore National Lab Classroom Activities
Car and Vehicle Science Experiments | Title Pro Loans
See also: Information for Health Physicists & Radiation Users
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