Greater New York Chapter of the Health Physics Society

Serving New York City,  Long Island, and the Lower Hudson Valley
Specialists in Radiation Safety  •  Chartered 1963  •


By-Laws of the Greater New York Chapter of the Health Physics Society













The name of the organization shall be the GREATER NEW YORK CHAPTER OF THE HEALTH PHYSICS SOCIETY and hereinafter shall be designated as the Chapter.


Section 2.1

The objectives of the chapter are to aid in the work of health Physics, to improve dissemination of information between individuals in this field and related fields, to improve public understanding of the problems and needs in radiation protection, to promote and improve Health Physics as a profession, and to promote within the Chapter’s jurisdiction, the activities of the Health Physics Society.

Section 2.2

The objective of the Chapter shall be accomplished by meetings, conferences, and publication s with emphasis on all sciences which contribute to the knowledge of radiation effects and radiation protection.


Section 3.1

Every Plenary Member, Associate Member, or Student Member of the Health Physics Society, whose residence or place of employment is located within the geographical jurisdiction of the Chapter, shall automatically become a member of the Chapter by payment of Chapter dues.

Section 3.2

The executive Council of the Chapter shall serve as the Committee on Admissions and shall be responsible for approving applications for membership involving persons who are not Plenary Members, Associate Members, or Student Members of the Health Physics Society. An applicant may be any person who works or resides in the jurisdiction of the chapter and who is engaged in a field of endeavor related to Health Physics or whose interests in the profession would make the applicant a desirable member of the Chapter. Application for membership in the Chapter by such persons shall be made on a form approved by the Executive Council which includes the approval signatures of at least two sponsors who are members of the Chapter or of the Health Physics Society. Election to membership in the Chapter under the provisions of this section of the By-Laws requires the approval of at least three (3) members of the Executive council, and persons so elected shall be entitled to all privileges of membership in the Chapter except, as hereinafter provide in Section 4.1 of the By-Laws, the right to become an officer of the Chapter.

Section 3.3

The chapter year shall be July 1st to June 30th. Any member of the Chapter whose dues are unpaid on March 1 of the Chapter year in which dues are specified is not in good standing and shall have no vote. Membership in the Chapter ceases when the dues of the member are not within one year after they are due; their name may be removed from the active member list, they shall be so informed, and shall receive no further communication form the Chapter. Any member who moves outside of the geographical jurisdiction of the Chapter may retain membership in the Chapter at their discretion providing they fulfill all other requirements for membership.  


Section 4.1

The officers of the Chapter shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Secretary. The President and President-Elect of the Chapter shall be persons who are Plenary Members or Associate Members in good standing Of the Health Physics Society.

Section 4.2

The President-Elect shall be chosen by vote of the membership for a term of one year at the conclusion of which ascension to the office of President for a one-year term becomes automatic.

Section 4.3

The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be chosen by vote of the membership for a two-year term and their tenures of office shall not run concurrently.

Section 4.4

Officers, except the Executive Secretary, shall not be eligible to succeed themselves in office unless they are filling out the unexpired term of another by appointment.

Section 4.5

The term of office for all officers shall begin on July 1 of each year.

Section 4.6

An office shall be declared vacant by the Executive Council in the event that an officer resigns, moves outside the geographical jurisdiction of the Chapter, or ceases to be a member of the Chapter. The vacated office shall be filled by the Executive Council in accordance with procedures set forth in Article 5 hereinafter provided.

Section 4.7

The Executive Secretary shall be indefinitely appointed by the Executive Council to promote continuity of inter and intra-Chapter activities and communications through changing Chapter administrations. The Executive Secretary shall maintain the permanent records of the Chapter, act as Chapter Historian, and serve as permanent receiver of correspondence from the Health Physics Society and its Chapters. Copies of all Chapter correspondence will be maintained in the Executive Secretary’s files. The Executive Secretary shall be an "ex-officio" member of the Executive Council.

Section 4.8

The Chapter Council representatives for the Chapter shall be the President and President-Elect. If either or both are unable to attend the Chapter Council Meeting, they may designate an alternative with priority being given to members of the Executive Council.


Section 5.1

The Executive Council is the representative body of the chapter, and as such, shall have, hold, and control all funds, properties, and activities of the Chapter in accordance with the By-Laws governing these matters.

Section 5.2

The Executive Council shall consist of nine (9) voting members including the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and the last three (3) past presidents, and two elected Council Members at Large.

Section 5.3

The Executive Council shall hold at least tow meetings each year, and the meetings shall be chaired by the least recent past president attending. Five (5) voting members of the Executive Council constitutes a quorum and all decisions of the Executive Council shall require approval of at least five (5) voting members of the Council. Any Council member not able to be present at the meeting of the Executive Council may be represented by proxy.

Section 5.4

A seat on the Executive Council shall be declared vacant by the Chairperson of the Council in the event that a Council member should resign, change residence to outside the geographical jurisdiction of the Chapter, or cease to be a member of the Chapter. The vacated seat may be filled as hereinafter provided.

Section 5.5

In the event of a vacancy in the elective position, the Council may make an appointment to hold until the unexpired term is filled by election of the next regular letter ballot presented to the membership.

Section 5.6

(Catastrophe Clause). In the event that the membership of the Council drops below seven (7) members because of any circumstances, as the first order of business at the first scheduled meeting of the Chapter at which twenty-five (25) percent or more of the members –in –good standing are in attendance, the Acting Chairperson of the meeting shall cause the election of a Temporary Chairperson who, in turn, shall convene those members of the Nominating Committee who are present. In the event that one or more of the members of the Nominating Committee are not present, the Temporary chairperson shall appoint proxies for the absentee members. The nominating Committee, as now constituted, shall select two nominees for all vacated elective positions in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.4 of the By-Laws hereinafter provided. The Temporary Chairperson shall present the names of the nominees to the membership at the meeting, allowing additional nominations from the floor. After the nominations are closed, a secret ballot is taken and a majority vote of those present shall be required to elect. In the event that a majority vote is not obtained on the first ballot, the name of the individual receiving the least number of votes shall be dropped form the ballot, and balloting shall continue in this manner until a majority vote is obtained. Persons elected under this Section of the By-Laws shall take office immediately, and the Temporary Chairperson shall turn the meeting over to the Acting Chairperson of the meeting at which time the office of Temporary Chairperson is dissolved. As an alternative to the above procedure, the Chairperson of the Nominating committee may utilize a mail ballot.

Section 5.7

It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Council to review the financial status of the Chapter annually for the purpose of establishing the annual dues required for membership in the chapter.

Section 5.8

The Executive Council shall review the program of the Chapter as presented by the President and other members, furnish appropriate guidance in these matters, and approve or reject in accordance with Council procedures.

Section 5.9

Meetings of the Executive council shall be called at the direction of the President or by the Chairperson of the Council. All sessions of the Executive Council shall require at least ten (10) days prior notification to the members of the Council. A request to the Chairperson made in writing by five (5) members of the Council shall require a meeting to be called.

Section 5.1

Ordinarily, the meetings of the Council will not be open to the membership or public. However, on occasion, the Council may hold sessions which are open to any person, or groups of persons, whom the Council may designate.

Section 5.11

The President will preside over all meetings of the chapter and may appoint other individuals to assist in the conduct of t e meetings. The President shall appoint necessary committees with the approval of the Executive council and automatically becomes an ex-officio member of these Committees. The retiring President shall submit an oral report of the "State of the Chapter" to the membership at the Annual Meeting and a written report to the Executive Council.

Section 5.12

The President-Elect shall perform duties as delegated by the President, and in the absence of the President at a meeting of the Chapter, will assume the duties of the President.

Section 5.13

The Secretary shall keep a record of all transactions and meetings of the Chapter and executive Council. The Secretary shall carry out correspondence of the Chapter, including information for the Health Physics Society Newsletter, and chapter meeting announcements, keep an accurate mailing list of the membership, and post all ballots used in election and amending procedures.

Section 5.14

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all monies of the Chapter, shall receive all monies for the Chapter, pay all authorized bills against the Chapter, and shall also approve all other fees (except for dues) which are to be charge to members. Approval shall be obtained form the Executive council before approving such fees which will produce a significant increase or loss of Chapter assets. The treasurer shall submit his accounts for audit to the Executive council prior to the Annual Meeting of the Chapter, and shall turn over to his successor all funds and properties of the Chapter. The Treasurer shall submit an annual report membership at the annual meeting. The Treasurer may be bonded in such an amount as shall be determined by the Executive Council. When bonded, expense of bonding shall be borne by the Chapter.

Section 5.15

There will be two Council Members at Large responsible for attending Executive Council meetings and participating in the decisions that guide the chapter. Their other responsibilities may include such duties as assigned by the President or the Chairperson of the Executive Council. The term of each council Member at Large will be two years, with alternating expiration years.

Section 5.16

An Executive Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive council to promote continuity of inter and intra-Chapter activities and communications through changing Chapter administrations. The Executive Secretary shall maintain the permanent records of the Chapter, act as Chapter Historian, and serve as permanent receiver form the Health Physics Society and its other chapters maintained in the Executive Secretary’s files. The executive Secretary shall be an "ex-officio" member of the Executive council. His term shall be indefinite.

Section 5.17

The chapter shall publish the official newsletter, Spectra, at least once annually.


Section 6.1

Except as heretofore provided for in Section 5.6 of the By-Laws, nominations for all elective positions and the election procedure governing the processes of electing and balloting shall be in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the By-Laws.

Section 6.2

Nominations for all elective positions shall be made by a nominating Committee consisting of a Chairperson, who is the most recent past Chairperson of the Executive Council, (or alternately, an individual appointed by the President who is not on the Executive Council) and other members as necessary appointed by the President and approved by the Executive council. No member of the Executive Council shall be eligible to serve on the Committee. A majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, and all decisions of the Committee shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the Committee.

Section 6.3

The President-Elect shall be elected annually, the Secretary and Treasurer bi-annually, by members of the chapter and shall serve until their successors are installed by the outgoing President or a duly authorized representative in a manner set for the by the Executive Council and shall take office on July 1 following the letter ballot.

Section 6.4

The Nomination Committee shall select two nominees for each selective office if possible and in no case shall an individual’s name be placed in nomination for more than one elective position during any one election. No members shall have their name placed in nomination without their consent.

Section 6.5

The Nominating Committee shall submit in writing names and biographical sketches of the nominees to the Secretary in sufficient time prior to the Annual Meeting of the Chapter. This deadline will normally be March 15.

Section 6.6

All letter ballots shall be prepared at the direction of the Secretary and mailed to each member of the Chapter in good standing. Ballots for elective positions shall be mailed sufficiently in advance (normally April 1) of the Annual Meeting and provisions shall be made for the manes of wire-in candidates on the ballot. The ballot shall be closed on the date announced with the ballot normally on the day of the Annual Meeting. A biographical sketch of each nominee shall be included with the ballot.

Section 6.7

Members shall return their ballots by mail to the Secretary with the member’s name, signature, and return address upon the mailing envelope. The Secretary shall request that the Chairperson or President call a meeting of the Executive Council for the purpose of tabulating and certifying the vote as soon as practical after the close of the ballot. The Secretary shall examine the names on the envelopes and certify the eligibility of the member to vote. The ballots shall be removed from the envelopes in such a manner as to preserve the vote as secret and not ballot shall be voided if the intent as to the choice of the member is clear. The envelope, ballots and tally sheets shall be retained by the Secretary and sealed in a suitable container until the close of the next regular meeting of the Chapter, after which time the envelops, ballots and tally sheet shall be destroyed. A majority vote of the membership voting for an elective position or an amendment shall be required to elect or amend. Ties shall be settled by lottery. Following certification of the results of the election, nominees shall be notified promptly of the outcome of the election.


Section 7.1

The Chapter shall hold at least four (4) regular meetings including the Annual Meeting each year. The date, time and place for each regular meeting shall be established by the Executive Council, except as otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.

Section 7.2

One meeting between January 1 and June 30 of each year shall be designated by the Executive council as the Annual Meeting. Normally, this will be the last meeting before July 1 of each year.

Section 7.3

Other meetings of the Chapter may be called by the President with the approval of one (1) or more members of the Executive Council. A petition directed to a member or members of the Executive council bearing the signature of at leas the (10) percent of the members-in-good standing shall require a meeting of the Chapter to be called.

Section 7.4

Members in good standing shall be notified by mail of all meetings at least the (10) days in advance of the date, time and place set for the meeting. The notification shall include a program listing of scheduled archives of the meeting.

Section 7.5

A quorum at a chapter meeting shall consist of the (10) members or twenty-five (25) percent of the membership, whichever constitutes the greater number.

Section 7.6

Any member is privileged to bring guests to the Chapter meetings provided reservations are made, if required, and/or registration fees are paid when applicable.

Section 7.7

The Executive Council shall develop a standard procedure for governing the order of business for all meetings of the Chapter establishing session time limits where applicable, and the Robert’s Manual shall be the guide for any parliamentary procedure not especially provided for in the said rules of the Chapter. A change in the standard procedure governing the order of business at a meeting of the Chapter requires the approval of a majority of the membership at the meeting.


Section 8.1

The Executive council shall review the financial status of the chapter annually and establish membership dues.

Section 8.2

All funds shall be paid into the office of the Treasurer where they shall be entered in the books of the Chapter and deposited in a bank approved by the Executive Council.

Section 8.3

All expenditures shall be made in accordance with a budget of appropriations as adopted by the Executive Council.

Section 8.4

The finances of Spectra, the Chapter newsletter, shall be contained in a separate bank account and controlled by the Editor, not withstanding the foregoing Sections 8.2 and 8.3/ An accounting shall be made in writing to the Executive Council annually by the Editor.

Section 8.5

Whenever reservations for a meeting incur a financial commitment for the Chapter, persons holding confirmed reservations who fail to keep that reservation shall still pay their portion of the financial burden.

Section 8.6

Upon dissolution of the Chapter, the Board shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the Chapter, dispose of all the assets of the Chapter exclusively for the purposes of the Chapter in such manner, or to such organization or organizations which has among its principal purposes the encouragement, development and dissemination of knowledge in radiation protection, and has qualified as an exempt organization under Section 501 of the 1956 Internal Revenue Code, or any amendments thereto.


Section 9.1

The President shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive council and subject to the provisions in Section 9.5 below, individuals and/or Committees to assist the officers and the Executive Council in the development and administration of programs, projects, policies, and so forth. In making such appointments, consideration shall be given to maintaining a balance of representation from the various organizational groups within the geographical jurisdictions of the Chapter to include industrial, governmental, educational, and professional interests.

Section 9.2

The standing Committees shall be as follows:

A Committee on Admissions shall be comprised of the members of the Executive council as set forth elsewhere in the By-Laws. It will review applications for membership in the chapter and decide for or against the acceptance of an applicant for membership.

A Program committee shall consist of the President-Elect as Chairperson and other members as necessary. The Program Committee shall be responsible for providing the Secretary with an agenda for each meeting, which will be circulated to the membership at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. The committee shall also be responsible for establishing all consists associated with each meeting and shall establish fees for such dinners and meetings subject to the approval of the Treasurer.

A public Information Officer shall be appointed by the President and shall act as a resource to disseminate radiation protection information to the public and news media and to publicize the activities of the chapter.

A Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chairperson as appointed per section 6.2 and other members a s necessary and shall function in accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 6 governing the activities of the nominating Committee

Section 9.3

Ad Hoc Committees may be set-up in the following areas, and other areas as necessary:

An Education and Training Committee to review the training needs of the Chapter and to undertake specific training courses as appropriate.

A Rules and Procedures committee to assist the Executive Council in writing of constitutional amendments or additions to the By-Laws, and may perform other duties as may be delegated by the Council regarding judiciary procedures.

A Symposia Committee to review and promote proposals for technical meetings or symposia in the Chapter’s area. The Committee should maintain liaison with the Society’s Symposia Committee and should recommend or conduct such meetings as may be approved by the Executive Council.

Section 9.4

The membership of all ad hoc committees appointed by the President under the provisions of Section 9.3 shall terminate automatically at the close of the presidential term in which the appointments were made.

Section 9.5

Absentee members of Committees, at meetings of the Executive Council and at Chapter meetings, are authorized to be represented in any and all such meetings by proxy. Except as specified in section 5.6 (The Catastrophe Clause), the absentee members shall be required to submit a letter of authorization naming the person authorized to act in their stead. The person so named must be a member-in-good standing of the chapter but need not be a member of the same committee as that of the absentee member. The absentee members may or may not set forth conditions limiting the authority of their proxy. The letter of authorization shall be submitted to the chairperson of the Committee involved of recognition and certification, after which it shall be turned over to the Secretary of the Chapter to become a matter of record.


Section 10.1

Amendments to the By-Laws may be proposed in the form of a motion in good standing at any regular meeting of the Chapter or at any special meeting called for that specific purpose. A motion covering a proposal to amend the By-Laws shall require, as determined by a standing vote, the approval of the majority of the membership present at the meeting in which the motion is presented. Upon passage of a motion to amend the By-Laws, the President shall appoint a committee which, within thirty (30) days following the motion to amend, shall prepare and submit the proposed amendment in writing to the membership before a vote can be taken. A vote must be taken prior to the conclusion of the first meeting of the Chapter following the thirty (30) day waiting period set out above. The Executive council is authorized to poll the membership on proposed amendments to the By-Laws by means of a letter ballot in accordance with Section 6.6 and 6.7, or at a meeting of the Chapter. The affirmative vote of a majority voting shall be required to amend.

For general information or questions about the Chapter or for Chapter business, please contact the Secretary.

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