Florida Chapter of the Health Physics Society

Specialists in Radiation Safety  •  Chartered 1967

Chapter Officers

President:  Tristan Timm '18  IMSS / NASA

President-Elect:  Joe Danek '18  RP-EP-Dose Assessment Consultant

Secretary:  John Lanza '19  Florida Department of Health in Escambia County                    

Treasurer:  Adam Weaver '18  University of South Florida

Council Members

Past-President:  Kurt Geber '18  NASA

Executive Council:  Glenn Sturchio '19  Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Executive Council:   Clark Connelly '20  State of Florida BRC

Executive Council:  Kimberly Kantner '18  AT&T                               


Newsletter Editor:  Mike Phillips

Science Teacher Workshop:  Wesley Bolch

Sponsors:  Vacant Position

Venues Director:  George Snyder

Webmaster:  Tristan Timm

Photographer:  Mike Phillips

Historical Members

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