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The DVSRS Meritorious Achievement Award

The Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety's Meritorious Achievement Award recognizes exceptional service to the Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety, the Health Physics Society, and/or the health physics profession by a past or current member of the Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety. An individual who has received this award has served the health physics community through outstanding and extended work, teaching and mentoring, public outreach, contributions to radiation safety related professional organizations, or other activities that enhance the professionalism of health physics, and as a result has made a significant contribution toward the advancement of the health physics profession.


1986Edward Burtsavage (Sr.)
1987Jessie Lieberman
2009Kenneth L. ("Ken") Miller
2010Sydney W. ("Syd") Porter, Jr.
2013Robert D. ("Rob") Forrest (awarded posthumously)
2017 Francis M. ("Frank") Costello (awarded posthumously)
2018Kent N. Lambert
2020John C. Keklak