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Past Meetings and Events

Date Event
1/24/2023Winter Meeting
10/26/20222022 Fall Meeting
06/10/2022 The 9th Annual Robert Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Full Day Symposium
10/13/2021DVSRS Fall Meeting 2021: Dustin Miller, CHP, RRPT: Decommissioning Funding Plans
06/09/2021The 8th Annual Robert Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Virtual Full Day Symposium
04/13/2021DOT/IATA Radioactive Material Shipping and Transportation Course
Meeting Announcement (PDF)
02/10/2021 DVSRS Virtual Meeting with President Elect John Cardarelli
10/15/2020 7th Annual Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Symposium
02/07/2020 Rob Forrest Fundraiser
11/07/19 DVSRS Fall Meeting - Announcement (PDF)
06/07/19 6th Annual Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Symposium
  • Announcement
  • Program
  • Preliminary Presentations
  • 03/06/19 Regulatory Changes Symposium
    Ed Goldschmidt, John C. Keklak, Donna-Beth Howe
    06/22/18 5th Annual Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Symposium
  • Announcement
  • Preliminary Program
  • 04/26/18 DOT Transportation of Radioactive Materials
    Instructor: Mr. Joseph Furia, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region I
    11/08/17 DVSRS Meeting
    Frank Costello Recognition and
    Award Presentation
    Followed by David Allard presentation-
    “Radium Lost and Found (in PA)”
    06/02/17 Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Symposium
    Bryan Edwards, Jessica Kendrick, Tabeetha Dobbins, John Keklak, Patrick Hann, Karen Colucci, Kendall Berry, Joseph G. Och
    05/23/17 DVSRS Meeting
    “A Cluster of High Radon Findings in a New Construction Housing Development in Eastern Pennsylvania”, Bob Lewis, PADEP BRP Radon Program
    04/05/17 DVSRS Meeting
    “Thoughts on Radiation Safety Programs if the LNT Hypothesis is Abandoned”, Eric W. Abelquist, President-elect HPS
    10/19/16 DVSRS Meeting
    “Jack of All Trades / Master of None: My Job Keeping NRC Employees Out of Hot Water”,
    Brett Kluken, NRC Regional Counsel
    05/20/16 Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Seminar
    Frank Costello, Patrick Mcdermott, Ivaor Veltchev, Mike Erdman
    03/07/16 DVSRS Meeting
    “Licensing Legacy Depleted Uranium on Army Ranges”
    Bob Cherry, President-elect HPS
    01/19/16 DVSRS Meeting
    “Ferret retching and electron burns to pigs—also known as the effects of radiation during extended space travel”, Keith Cengel, MD, PhD, HUP
    11/03/15 DVSRS Meeting
    “Cellphones, SmartMeters, Wi-Fi, and Other (Arguably) Dangerous Things in Modern Life”, Ken Foster, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
    05/20/15 Training on the Transportation of Radioactive Material
    Instructor: Mr. Joseph Furia, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region I
    April 8, 2015
    DVSRS Meeting
    “Ten Things I’ve Learned as a Health Physicist”, Nancy Kirner
    HPS President Elect
    03/05/15 DVSRS Meeting
    “Radiographing the Liberty Bell”, Vince Roding
    12/17/14 Rob Forrest Memorial Medical Health Physics Symposium
    04/24/14 “Radiation Accidents: A History and Emergency Response Perspective”, David R. Simpson
    March 25 & 26, 2014 Mid-Atlantic States Radiation Control Program Conference
    January 15, 2014
    DVSRS Meeting
    "10 CFR Part 37, Overview" - Randolph C. Ragland, Jr., CHP, Senior Health Physicist, NRC Region I
    11/04/13 DVSRS/SV Meeting
    “Things I don’t know about Epidemiology”, Barbara Hamrick,
    President-Elect, HPS
    10/24/13 Rob Forrest Memorial Symposium- Radiation Oncology 102 for HPs
    06/09/11 DVSRS Meeting
    “Tooth Fairy Project &
    Evaluating the Impact of Reducing the Occupational Dose Limits”, Dr. John Mauro, Sanford, Cohen & Associates
    05/05/11 DVSRS Meeting
    “Radiation Protection Challenges Facing the Nuclear Industry The Potential Future Impact of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Disaster on the US Nuclear Industry”, Willie Harris, CHP RRPT Director, Radiation Protection Exelon Nuclear
    12/09/10 DVSRS Meeting
    “Pit Disassembly and Conversion Project: Radiological Design Considerations”, Kathryn H. Pryor
    President-Elect, HPS
    06/09/10 DVSRS Meeting
    Syd Porter Meritorious Award Presentation
    “Remediation of TENORM-Impacted Soils at the Foote Mineral Superfund Site”, Mr. Paul Marshall, Ecology Services, Inc.
    03/05/10 DVSRS D&D Meeting
    “Hospital and Laboratory Decommissioning Considerations”, James Tarzia
    “DNA to D&D-- A Molecular Biologist’s Ten Year Diversion into Health Physics, Cleaning up Magill Hall”, Walt Lilly
    12/09/09 DVSRS Meeting
    “New Concepts in Radiological Emergency Planning”, Edward Maher, President-Elect HPS
    05/08/09 50th Anniversary Dinner And Vendors Night
    03/16/09 Symposium
    “History of Radium in Medicine and Pennsylvania”, The Mütter Museum
    Dave Allard, Paul Frame, Joel Lubenau, Syd Porter, Jim Yusko