2019 Health Physics Society Midyear Meeting & Exhibition
17-20 February 2019; San Diego, CA

Program - Session Listing

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SatEv108:00 - 17:00Marina 3AAHP Course #1 - Harmony in Concepts and Units for Internal Dose Calculations for Nuclear Medicine Applications or for Protection of Radiation Workers
SatEv309:00 - 16:00Marina 6NRRPT Board and Panel
SatEv213:00 - 17:00Marina 4AAHP Course #2 - Practical External Dosimetry Management


SunEv208:00 - 17:00Marina 4HPS Board Meeting
SunEv308:00 - 17:00Room 415AAHP Executive Committee
SunEv508:00 - 10:00Marina 2PEP 1A
SunEv608:00 - 10:00Marina 3PEP 1B
SunEv708:00 - 10:00SpinnakerPEP 1C
SunEv1510:00 - 12:00Maritime BoardroomProgram Committee Meeting
SunEv1010:30 - 12:30SpinnakerPEP 2C
SunEv810:30 - 12:30Marina 2PEP 2A
SunEv910:30 - 12:30Marina 3PEP 2B
SunEv1114:00 - 16:00Marina 2PEP 3A
SunEv1214:00 - 16:00Marina 3PEP 3B
SunEv1314:00 - 16:00SpinnakerPEP 3C
SunEv1415:00 - 17:00Maritime BoardroomSpeaker Ready Room
SunEv115:30 - 17:30Grande Ballroom FoyerRegistration
SunEv18:00 - 19:30Harbor Island 3Opening Reception
SunEv418:00 - 19:30Harbor Island 3Welcome Reception


MonEv307:00 - 08:00CEL1
MonEv407:00 - 08:00CEL2
MonEv107:30 - 15:00Grande Ballroom FoyerRegistration
MonEv208:00 - 17:00Maritime BoardroomSpeaker Ready Room
MAM-A08:30 - 12:00Harbor Island 3Plenary Session
MonEv512:00 - 13:30Grande BallroomLunch
MPM-A13:30 - 17:00Harbor Island 3NCRP: Special Session; Military Health Physics, Part 1
MonEv617:00 - 18:30Grande BallroomExhibitor Reception
P17:30 - 18:30Grande BallroomPoster Session


TueEv108:00 - 15:00Grande Ballroom FoyerRegistration
TueEv208:00 - 17:00Maritime BoardroomSpeaker Ready Room
TAM-A08:30 - 12:00Harbor Island 3NCRP: Special Session; Military Health Physics, Part 2
TueEv312:00 - 13:30Grande BallroomLunch
TPM-A13:00 - 16:30Harbor Island 3Dosimetry/Medical Physics


WedEv108:00 - 13:00Grande Ballroom FoyerRegistration
WedEv208:00 - 10:00Maritime BoardroomSpeaker Ready Room
WAM-A08:30 - 12:00Harbor Island 3Contemporary Health Physics Issues, Part 1
WAM-B08:30 - 12:00SpinnakerSpecial Session: Medical Health Physics
WPM-A13:30 - 16:45Harbor Island 3Contemporary Health Physics Issues, Part 2
WPM-B13:30 - 17:00SpinnakerIRPA Special Session on Radiation Safety Culture in Medicine